Need a lift?

How does that go again? The right foot on the centre stand lever, the right hand looking for a grip on the frame and then it is time: on the count of three! The handle that BMW used to be the only brand to fit, and which was there for nothing other than lifting the bike up, is unfortunately missing today, especially when it is needed most. This is also the case with the BMW F 900 R and XR. If you have to lift the bike onto the center stand on a sloping parking lot or when it is fully loaded, breaking a sweat may be tough to avoid.

This is due to the weight and lack of leverage, but most of all, since there is no lifting handle!

„There actually is one,“ say the Wunderlich developers, referring to an extremely high-quality, extremely aesthetic product called the lifting handle.

The principle of the lifting handle originates from the BMW specialists from the Innovationspark Rheinland, in Germany, and has proven itself on a large number of BMW motorcycles. With the precisely shaped, stable console and a finely machined handle, it becomes a helpful tool for any rider. Therefore, it was clear for Wunderlich to adapt it for the F 900 R and XR and offer it to customers.

The mounting point on the frame optimizes the lever ratio and it optimizes ergonomics. This arrangement is not only helpful when the machine is fully loaded. The handle is firmly mounted on the left side of the frame with the help of a solid, precise fitting bracket. An additional anti-twist device linked to the PA (preload adjuster) shock absorber ensures a solid fit. Once unfolded, the machine is noticeably easier and, above all, safer to place on the center stand. This is due to the non-slip handle fits well in the hand and the ability to transfer much more power than on frame tubes, which are difficult to grip or not accessible at all due to the luggage. After lifting the bike, the handle disappears discreetly into its resting position. It locks in place with a precise „click“. A mechanism ensures that the handle is securely locked in the folded position. The functional lifting handle, made of high-quality anodized aluminum, is thus discreetly integrated into the line of the F 900 R and XR.

Wunderlich offers the practical lifting handle for 139.90 €*. Including 5-year warranty!

The lifting handle is offered for a wide range of BMW models, allowing riders of this model series to see the product’s advantages for themselves.

*Price may vary from country to country

At a glance:

26202-002 – Lifting handle, foldable – black for the BMW F 900 R and XR

• Fast deployment
• Optimized leverage
• Easy to lift bike on center stand
• Non slip, groove grip
• Fast folding mechanism
• Unobtrusive locking of the handle in the rest position
• Precision machined of high quality material
• Ergonomic
• Optimized lever ratio
• Better power transmission
• Noticeably easier and, above all, safer lifting of the motorbike on the center stand
• Functional Wunderlich design
• Easy mounting

Technical data
       • aluminum, high-quality and precisely processed on CNC machines, black anodized

Special Features
• Wunderlich premium product. Small series. Hand-Crafted.
• Wunderlich. Functional integrated design.
• 60 days return policy
• Made in Germany
• 5 years warranty

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